I Am Expecting


Photo Credit: DuneRatt via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: DuneRatt via Compfight cc

There is a story about a farmer who was struggling to produce a harvest because the main ingredient wasn’t being given. The land had a drought, and everything was as dry as a desert.

Yet, one day this optimistic farmer decided to believe the rain giver. He had faith that God saw what he needed and where he was in his life. He needed food, he needed his harvest to make his living, yet his surrounding circumstances where dry.

What do you do when everything in your life seems dry?

Have you ever felt that way? Graduated from college yet couldn’t land that job you dreamed of.

Prayed for a spouse yet no date on your calendar. Dreamed for an opportunity yet it fell through.

See, we can learn something amazing from this farmer.  He didn’t throw his hands in the air and said, ” forget this!”

Do you know what he did? He believed.

He made a conscience choice, to have faith in the rainmaker. How so? He put his faith to work. He went out early the next day and started plowing the field, and in doing so he planted the seeds. Some might say he was crazy. But here is the “crazy” part. After he did all he knew how to do, He began to walk the field holding an umbrella.  Not because it was actually raining. It wasn’t. There wasn’t even a cloud in sight!

So, why in the world would this “lunatic” be walking around in his field holding an umbrella?

My friend he was expecting, are you?

You can prepare your field as well. You can develop, grow, and laugh why you wait for your miracle. Plant the seeds of faith, hard work and hope because after all that’s really believing.  Doing before you see and so one day you will see what you believe for.

The rain will come; will your field be ready?

God sees what you need. He sees you right where you are.

Get ready, the rain will soon come!

What are you expecting? Share it below I would love to hear from you!

Honor Code




Honor means to “hold in high esteem.” In our culture, honor is reserved for those persons who’ve achieved a remarkable feat or attained a certain status. An athlete is honored for winning championships. Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player in NBA history because he won six championships. Business leaders are honored for having reached certain levels of success. Warren Buffet is held in high esteem because he’s a billionaire. He’s invited to talk to world leaders. He’s given the best seat at the restaurant. And why not? He’s earned it.

We also see a modern phenomenon of men and women being regarded as famous simply for being famous. However, most people would make a definite distinction between those who have earned the recognition of honor and those who simply have recognition—and did nothing to earn it. In street slang, we recognize the difference between “players” and “pretenders.”

And that’s the point of honor in our culture. Honor must be earned. You have to be willing to pay the price required to achieve the goal, and this price can be enormously high. Families are neglected, marriages are lost, and sometimes, personal injuries leave the champion with a lifetime of pain.

And though it may seem obvious, we often forget that this honor given to our world’s “heroes” is purely shallow at its core. If a team wins the Super Bowl they’re the champions of the football world. But if a
new team wins the following year another champion is named. The world just forgets about the previous champion. Entertainment is the same way. Release a great record and our world just wants another one. Star in a great movie and the world wants to know what’s coming out next. Once honor has been given, the world demands an ever-rising level of success for one to keep the honor bestowed on them. Sometimes the person honored gets caught on this treadmill to the point when they regret ever having received the honor in the first place.

This is a fundamental difference between the teachings of Christ and the expectation of our world. With Christ, honor is not earned. It’s given. The gospel restores dignity lost through sin and failures. Christ gives back to His followers what the fall has taken away. Honor is one of those things.



What Do you think about honor? How do you honor people in your life?______________________________________________________________________________________ Excerpted from Gray Areas. © 2013 Mike Glenn. Published by LifeWay Press®. Used by permission.


God Doesn’t Write Bad Checks.

God doesn’t write bad checks.

 What God promises, He fulfills.



I was walking in my driveway the other night after a long day of work. As I walked I paused and looked up to the sky and reflected on all the beautiful stars that decorated the night sky, when all of a sudden I felt God impressed a sentence in my heart.

‘I don’t write bad checks’ is what I heard within me.

Immediately I was reminded of the story of the Abraham, the Old Testament patriarch. While he was an old man God made a covenant with him to bless him with a child, and promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations.

 God spoke to Abraham, and told him to look up at the stars in the sky and the sand in the sea for that is how big his descendants would be.

 Now Abraham believed God and took him at His word although Abraham was old and was passed the age to raise children and his wife Sarah was old and couldn’t conceive a child. Yet, Abraham believed God, and God accounted to him as righteousness and fulfilled his promise in Abraham’s life by blessing him with a son and the descendants sometime later.


What Are You Waiting For?


Has God whispered a dream in your heart? A desire to see a love one believe in Jesus. A desire to have a broken relationship restored. Maybe for you is to see your purpose fulfilled each and everyday in this generation.


Can you believe God?


Do you live life like you believe in God? I want to remind you what God spoke to me on that night in my driveway. He doesn’t make a promise, He can’t fulfill. He doesn’t write a check He can’t cash. He doesn’t take you to a place that His grace can’t keep you. He doesn’t allow problems to come without a purpose and without a breakthrough.


Friends, you can trust Him with your heart and all that is in it, the good and the bad that is in your heart.

The pretty and the ugly stuff that you hide.

The hurts and the joys that echoes in your mind.

All of the issues of your heart.

He can bring you out and set you up, would you trust Him?

I walked back inside with peace in my heart understanding how Big God is, and what He is able to do.


Do me a favor, as you go throughout your day, pause for a second and look up. Be reminded of this story, and understand that if He can do it for an old barren couple thousands of years ago, He is still strong and able to do whatever your requesting of Him today. Trust Him.


I hope you look up and hear what I heard “ I don’t write bad checks”.


What do you believe God for? Has he spoken to you? I would love to hear your stories.

Have You Ever Been Bit By An Elephant?

Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

I was recently talking to a mentor of mine while sitting in my car, when all of a sudden my greatest enemy came flying through the window threatening to take my life, forcing me to run out of the car. My mentor heard me and began to chuckle and said ” as big as you are your allergic to that small thing?” that small thing was a bee. Okay, maybe I exaggerated but the reality is that small bee has the potential to kill me.

I am highly allergic to bees. Getting stung will cause my throat to swell closing my airway making it difficult to breath. Yes, I try to avoid them. I would love to live a long life and I also want to save my money instead of giving it away to medical bills.

Isn’t it interesting how small things can destroy big people?

What about you? Do you have a “small enemy” that is a huge threat in your life?

Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to bees or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s different for you. Maybe that “small thing” for you is that you have a bad habit of lying and it’s costing you opportunities. What about gossiping costing people to trust you, damaging your relationships. Perhaps it’s spending too much money causing financial strains in your life or in your marriage. It may be a “small thing” yet every time it “stings you” it affects you in dangerous ways.

The wisest man that ever lived said, “it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine”. Every one has the threat of a small fox ruining our great vineyard or in our case -life.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever been bit by an elephant? Hopefully not, but have you ever been bitten by a mosquito? 
Isn’t it interesting how it’s the small things in life that can hurt us the most. For a CEO and leader it could be the lack of communication with the team, yet for a father it could be the lack of discipline to show his wife and children love, when he gets home in the evening. If you are a student, it’s probably the lack of interest to give your studies one hundred percent.

I don’t know what it maybe for you. But, I assure you; you need to identify what the threat is in order to protect yourself against it.

I carry around an Epi-pen (which is a needle with medicine) to help me while I get to the hospital in case a bee stings me. Doing this could save my life.

What is your “small threat?” how are you protecting yourself from it?

You cannot protect yourself against what you do not admit.


So, how can you guard yourself?

1. Assess yourself

Only you know, you.  You know what you can do and where you can’t go. You know what triggers the worst of who you are and what brings out the best of who you are. You know what is your kryptonite. Overeating? Pride? Jealousy?

2. Admit it

Come to terms with it and realize it’s danger. Understand that if you don’t guard against “it”, “it” will destroy you.

3. Fight it.

Don’t let that small thing beat you. Swap at it, avoid it, carry an Epi-pen with you everywhere you go if you have too, but don’t let it destroy you.

You are more than an over comer, but we must be aware of what we must overcome!

 I would love to hear your feedback comment below.

Communicate Quickly Or Get Hit By A Rock.

Photo Credit: monkeyframpton via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: monkeyframpton via Compfight cc


I heard a story of a grandmother who was sitting on her porch in a hot summer day with one of her daughters. As they sat there watching and talking about her two year old grandson who was playing in the front yard under they’re supervision, smiling and bragging about how cute he was. She noticed the sweet, handsome little boy pick up a rock and said “grandma are you ready?” as he got ready to throw it at her. Immediately she understood that she needed to communicate with her grandson in a way he could understand. She needed to articulate that what he was able to do was not acceptable.

Communication is powerful. Communication or the lack thereof can either break or make your life. When done correctly communication has the ability to cancel a war and bring peace into a nation. It has the power to build a deep connection for two people who are in love. Communication can bind friendships for a lifetime or the lack of it can break one up.

I am huge on communication. I am not saying I do it perfectly or consistently, but I do have a huge interest on this subject and constantly studying the benefits of it.

Part of the reason I love communication is because of how I have been impacted by words. I have been encouraged and inspired to thrive and press on in life even through disadvantages. All by someone who knew how to communicate what I needed to hear in those moments. I have also been scared by words from people who knew not the value of communication. As I look back into my life I also see how much I dislike when people don’t communicate effectively, you probably don’t either.

If you are a leader, a parent, a boss or in a relationship, communication is the key you need to unlock some closed doors in your life to live in unity and create bigger impact.

I know this is a huge topic but let’s look at 5 effects on great communication in a team, organization, business, job or in a relationship that you might need.

I think great communication establishes

1. Unity in your team.

If you want unity, start communicating with the people who are in your team. These people are for you and are running the race of life with you, why not speak and share what’s happening within the organization. Jesus said, “ Every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Your team, your organization and your relationships will not stand if you don’t communicate. I believe many problems can be avoided if we learned the art of communication.

2. Gives a sense of belonging.

People want to belong. God made each of us to need all of us. We all have unique abilities and talents that each of us need. Some people bring financial skills to the table others bring different gifts, but we all can bring something and benefit from all things. Don’t discredit or overlook someone you “think” you don’t need, just because they don’t necessarily have what you’re looking for. If you want to win in your marriage, you need your spouse. If you want to make progress in your organization or business ask people in your team for help, and input by communicating with them consistently and constantly giving them updates on the progress of each task. After all they are working with you.

3. Removes assumptions or confusion.

I have seen people hurt and confused time and time again including myself because of a lack of communication by the leader of a company or organization. Most of the time is not what was said, but what wasn’t said that caused the confusion and resentment. If you respect the people who are working with you at all, you owe it to them to share what’s happening in your organization or team. As leaders we have the power and control to minimize assumptions and confusions within our team, simply by communicating.

4. Keeps the team engaged in the vision.

If your vision is big enough you will require more than yourself to accomplish it. Therefore you need to effectively communicate with your team. The reality is when you communicate your showing your team that you truly care for them as individuals. You demonstrate that they are valuable to the organization and that they’re input matters. Trust me, if people feel that you don’t care about them, pretty soon they won’t care about you.

5. Respect the organization or leader.

If I am building with you, and you are my leader I deserve for you to communicate effectively with me. Your team or spouse is following you because they simply want to. Some people follow you because they have to, but remember, if you don’t wake up and start showing your team that you care for them it will be a matter of time before they lose respect for you, and no one in their right mind wants people on their team who don’t respect them.

Now, I know all this sounds like a lot of work, guess what? it is. But if you communicate with your team you will win and keep valuable loyal people on your team and on your side. If you want to work alone and accomplish very little, don’t communicate with your team. Just remember this; it will be a matter of time before they leave.

As leaders we can become so involved in our organizations and admire the beauty of what’s taking place, like the grandma with her grandson. But sooner than later you need to learn to communicate with your team or else you will get hit with a rock that will bring you into reality, then it will be too late.


This is my list. What about you? Why do you think it’s important to communicate? How do you do it? I would love to hear from you comment below.

Is There Truth I Can Trust?


We used to think the mind worked like a filing cabinet. We were given information and we would assign it to a particular file in our mental cabinet. When we needed to retrieve the information, we would reach into the appropriate file and pull it out.

Now we understand the mind works much more like a picture gallery. We hold onto our memories not in lines of data but in images. If I ask you to think of an important day, say the day you got your driver’s license, you don’t think back on it as, Roman numeral 1: I woke up. Roman numeral 2: I got dressed to get my license.

No, you think back to the moment when you first saw your face laminated on the new card.

Most of our important memories in life are recorded as images. What makes these images both unique and important is they don’t just hang on the walls of our minds for us to see and recall from time to time. Instead, these images work more like stained-glass windows we look through to view the world around us. The windows not only determine how we see the world, they filter what we see as well.

All of us have a mind full of these stained-glass windows we’ve constructed over our lives. We have pictures of all kinds of things: ourselves, Christ, the universe, our families, truth, and goodness—really everything we encounter in our world and in ourselves.

The reason these windows are so important is we literally view the world outside of us and everything within us through these stained-glass windows. These windows will both distort and enhance how we see the world around us. As a result, they will determine how we live in the world. In other words, if you want to change, you have to change the windows in your mind.


Excerpted from Gray Areas. © 2013 Mike Glenn. Published by LifeWay Press®. Used by permission.

You Might Have What You Already Need To Get Your Breakthrough.

Have you been underestimating what you already have?

What if what you have can change the world?

What if it can change your city?

What if it could impact your family?

What if what you have can change your life!

Photo Credit: Christophe Kiciak via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Christophe Kiciak via Compfight cc

What do you have?
For the Old Testament prophet Moses, it was a simple staff that he used as shepherd.
God called him to be Israel’s deliverer from the hand of the Egyptians. Yet, upon hearing this he felt inadequate, unequipped and unqualified to do the mission that God created him to do. God then asked him a simple question.

What do you have in your hands?
I believe this question in this story should remind us today to analyze the things that God has given us. This could easily be your talents, resources, or relationships.

Many times we complain because we don’t have more, ever been there?
We begin to compare ourselves and become critical on what we have with someone we see on television. We underestimate and devalue what we have been given and we perceive it as not enough to get the job done and progress in life.

When in reality what will unlock our destiny in God, is to be grateful for what we have been given thus far.

While we continue to disregard what we have, we will go through life with the feeling of lack because we can’t embrace the gifting and blessings we have already. We don’t use what we have because we can’t see that we have it.

We must recognize what God our creator gave us.

In your “hands” you might have the gift of singing. Others may have the gift of hospitality. You might have the gift of generosity. Whatever you have been entrusted with, use it to the best of your ability.
Strengthen it, grow it and share it with the world.
Your world.
Your friends, family and community.

Moses’ staff was able to help him in the mission that was assign to him to deliver Israel from slavery. This staff was used to part the sea, and many other miracles we read in this awesome biblical story. But today… What has God given you?

What has God given you that can open doors for you? What is in your hands that can open ways in your desert? You can only use what you will recognize.
What is in your hands?

What Does Success Mean To You?

Success involves a lot of work! This is why many people chose the opposite course.

Honestly signing up for success is not an easy task, yet it is the most rewarding.


Photo Credit: Ngọc Hà via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Ngọc Hà via Compfight cc

What is success?

Years ago, I wrote down in one of my journals what success will mean to me, and I am constantly reminded of it. I use it as a compass to guide me.

Here is what my opinion of success is.

Positioning myself in a place where I fit and flourish in that place.

But fitting into is hard work. Why?

Because it’s a process to find – where you fit. And we hate process. Why? Because..

1)Process takes too long.

I must admit I occasionally eat microwavable dinners. They are fast and convenient. But there is nothing like a great home made dinner, especially from my mom, sister or older brother or friend Swah. They can throw down in the kitchen! But often times it takes time to prepare this great dinner.

We don’t like to wait.

We want instant gratification. We want what we want now! But success doesn’t work that way. Success is small steps, that leads to bigger steps and in the process you are being successful. Success is not necessarily a destination but it is flourishing in the process that God your creator has laid out for you.

2)Process hurts.

To get up early to work out at the gym, it’s not easy. It is inconvenient at times. After all who doesn’t like getting more sleep. Yet, it is the only way to get in shape if you have a busy schedule and can’t make it in the afternoon.

Process hurts.

It hurts because it brings you out of your comfort and it makes you put on disciplines even while you see no result.

So, do you want to be successful today? You might have been successful yesterday, but success must be practice every single day. Everyday you must position yourself and flourish. Everyday we must show up.


Where do you fit today? How will you flourish? It could be sharing a smile and making someone’s day. It could be paying for someone’s coffee. Whatever it might be for you.


Today’s achievement is doing what God wants you to do and moving in the direction that He desires.

He wants you close to Him. Will you come close to Him? After all, you wont find your place without Him and if He doesn’t shine on you, you cannot flourish.


Be A Success today.


Is God Picking On Me?


Have you ever felt like God was picking on you?

Throughout the course of life as you go through many transitions and interrupted dreams, and interrupted goals due to life challenges, sometimes life will make you believe that God is playing games with you.

That some how the Almighty God is against you. It seems that God is holding out on His blessings.

But in reality it is the total opposite. God is for you.

God is not against you, trying to stop you from achieving the goals and dreams He Himself placed inside of your heart. God wants you to fulfill your dreams, for each fruit your life produces is to bring Him glory.

Why then has it been so hard for you to achieve them? Why so many obstacles along the way?

The reason is so hard for you to achieve your goals or a dream is because He has a better plan. Maybe for you it’s to repair your marriage or to get the job you’ve worked so hard for. Perhaps is to be in the career you desire or to live in a particular country or city.

God who created you and knows you deeply, the God who loves you and who has been with you even through your darkest days is more interested in who you are becoming rather what you are getting.

Who we become is more important to God than what we can get.

What then is God trying to make me become? Because sometimes during difficult seasons in life, we get tempted to become bitter rather than better. Tempted to be hateful rather than being lovable.

So what is God doing by “denying” you of your dreams? Allowing you to “grow” frustrated? God is building your character. God wants you to fight the urge to give up, the urge to become bitter, and the urge to dismiss love. He wants you to be content in who He is in your life!

Rich or poor, He is still God. Whether you’re single or married He is still God. Whether you’re in a prosperous relationship or just went through a bad breakup, He is still God. He wants you to be content because of who He is.

This is certainly not easy and it is a process we must go through every single day.

In spite of all of this He wants you to know Him as the God who shows up not when you want but He shows up right on time.

He wants to be your deliverer but in order for God to be your deliverer you have had to be bound.

He wants to be your healer, but you have had to been broken.

He wants to be your provider but you have had to been in lack.

He wants to give you hope, but you have had to been hopeless.

He wants to be the lifter of your head but you have had to been downcast.

The God of the universe is for you! Everything else is a lie. God is not against you, or angry with you, or trying to bully you, all those are lies from your enemy.

If you are on Gods team trust the fact that He is for you and working a masterpiece in your life. He wants you to run to win the race of life.

You may not always understand it, neither do I, but I believe one day we will. But until then keep your head up and commit your ways to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.

He will fulfill his purpose in your life.

Declare this day that regardless of what happens –God is for me!

3 Reasons Why You Are Being Stretched.


Have you ever felt stretched? You know, the kind of stretching that makes you feel like your going to break?

The kind of stretching that makes you say “ If someone else ask for one more thing, I’ll…” Ever been there?

Maybe you are working two jobs trying to make it financially, and yet your daydreaming about a day you can live life fulfilling your calling while making a living.

Perhaps you are a father taking care of your family and feel pulled all types of directions.

Well, I to have felt this way in different seasons of my life. Most recently, I felt like I was being stretched beyond what I could bear. During an unexpected move, frustrated telling myself “this is getting old”. Yet while I was taking a shower one morning, I heard God speak to my heart.

Here is what He said, “I am stretching you, I want to see if you’re flexible enough so that I may take you to the next level”. It sounds cool, but I assure you being stretched hurts, because sometimes it seems like nothing is really happening. Sometimes it’s hard to see what God is really doing in your life and how He will put every piece together to make something awesome.

Maybe you are experiencing something unexpected in your life, I want to reassure you that God is getting you ready for what is to come.

God is not done with you. He is writing a story in your life. This awesome story fits into what He is doing in this generation. You were created by Him and for Him, and He has a purpose for your life. During this time of yet another transition, I remind myself of how God has helped me before. Which gives us a key to future promotions. Always look back at how He has helped you.


If He did it before, He could do it again.


I am reminded that during other detours in my life, God has always brought me through. I can go on and on, and brag about His goodness and mercy. The stretching has done a couple great things in me that I believe will do for you.

 1. It broke me

We ask in our prayers we want to be more like Jesus and less like ourselves. Yet, we must understand that in order for this to happen, He must break us.

 We love the idea of living for Christ, yet hate the idea of dying to self.

But doing all God has for us in this life, requires that we surrender to Him and allow Him to break us.

Why? What I love about God is that He doesn’t break you for the sake of breaking you. He breaks you to remake you into a more powerful, dynamic, loving person. The best version of you.

2. It Propels me

This stretching also propels you to the next level. After He stretches you, you will never be the same again. You will never think, or talk like you use to.

You are on your way to another level.

As He is launching you back, I encourage you to hold on to Him, because He’s about to launch you to a different place of purpose and of destiny!

3. It Grows me

Every season is exactly that, a season and I believe it is God’s ultimate plan to grow you in every season. If you are breathing He is not done in your life.

 Rather than fight your way in life, trust your way through life.

Place your confidence in Him who loves you and wants you to succeed in everything you do. Everything God allows in your life, will work out for your good and for His ultimate purpose.

You will shine like never before, and once you get into the new level, look back, give God glory and get ready to be launched again. Remember nothing He does in your life is wasted and that my friend, is the confidence that keeps me moving.

He’s got you right where He wants you. Lean back and get ready to fly.

How is God stretching you? Are you flexible for what He is about to do in your life?

1 Thing Your Haters Don’t Get

Photo Credit: Erik J. Gustafson via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Erik J. Gustafson via Compfight cc

Do you have “haters”?

Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to love and please people and be friends with everyone within our reach, some people insist to dislike you, and some even try to stop you from reaching your dreams.

The reason haters hate on your dreams is because they feel they don’t have a chance on their own dreams. So when someone comes along to accomplish something great, it reminds them how little they are doing. So having some “haters” in life can actually be a good thing. It could mean that you are doing something so significant and life changing for which the enemy wants to stop.

In your quest to do all that God created you to do, you will encounter haters along the way. After all the haters are indicators that you are living a different kind of life.

Notice I said in the first sentence ‘try’ because in reality they can’t stop you. They can slow you down, distract you for a while but I am a firm believer that when you are laser focus on the things that God created you to do, and determine in your heart to fulfill them nothing, absolutely nothing can stop you from achieving them.

Here is the 1 thing the haters who are trying to stop, distract, distort, discourage or confuse you don’t get.

They Don’t get the fact that with or without their approval or support,  you -will make it!

Here is a few quick examples:

Nehemiah the great man who built Jerusalem’s walls to protect the city, had haters and we know their names, (I would hate to be remembered as a hater)

  • Nehemiah fought the urge to get on his haters level.
  • He defended what God had placed in his heart.
  • Nehemiah brought the vision of these walls from his head into reality.

Here is what his haters helped Nehemiah do; they expedited the whole building process! See, His haters didn’t know that while they were getting in the way, they were really pushing Nehemiah and his men to stay focus and build with great diligence and allowed them to build these walls in record time!

Joseph was another young man who had haters because of his dreams. This time his haters were people he loved. His haters were his own brothers. Yet, he was faithful and kept his integrity even when his haters wanted to break him. Here is what happens to his haters.

They ended up broken and ended up seeing the dream they themselves tried to stop.

I will share my stories on haters in my life on the next one. But remember this, God will always be faithful regardless of peoples thoughts about you, just do what He says to do. As long as you have your Creator’s approval and favor you have all you need to build a life of impact.

Remember, haters gonna hate. 

Comment and share your stories on how God showed up in your life regardless of your haters.