Communicate Quickly Or Get Hit By A Rock.

Photo Credit: monkeyframpton via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: monkeyframpton via Compfight cc


I heard a story of a grandmother who was sitting on her porch in a hot summer day with one of her daughters. As they sat there watching and talking about her two year old grandson who was playing in the front yard under they’re supervision, smiling and bragging about how cute he was. She noticed the sweet, handsome little boy pick up a rock and said “grandma are you ready?” as he got ready to throw it at her. Immediately she understood that she needed to communicate with her grandson in a way he could understand. She needed to articulate that what he was able to do was not acceptable.

Communication is powerful. Communication or the lack thereof can either break or make your life. When done correctly communication has the ability to cancel a war and bring peace into a nation. It has the power to build a deep connection for two people who are in love. Communication can bind friendships for a lifetime or the lack of it can break one up.

I am huge on communication. I am not saying I do it perfectly or consistently, but I do have a huge interest on this subject and constantly studying the benefits of it.

Part of the reason I love communication is because of how I have been impacted by words. I have been encouraged and inspired to thrive and press on in life even through disadvantages. All by someone who knew how to communicate what I needed to hear in those moments. I have also been scared by words from people who knew not the value of communication. As I look back into my life I also see how much I dislike when people don’t communicate effectively, you probably don’t either.

If you are a leader, a parent, a boss or in a relationship, communication is the key you need to unlock some closed doors in your life to live in unity and create bigger impact.

I know this is a huge topic but let’s look at 5 effects on great communication in a team, organization, business, job or in a relationship that you might need.

I think great communication establishes

1. Unity in your team.

If you want unity, start communicating with the people who are in your team. These people are for you and are running the race of life with you, why not speak and share what’s happening within the organization. Jesus said, “ Every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Your team, your organization and your relationships will not stand if you don’t communicate. I believe many problems can be avoided if we learned the art of communication.

2. Gives a sense of belonging.

People want to belong. God made each of us to need all of us. We all have unique abilities and talents that each of us need. Some people bring financial skills to the table others bring different gifts, but we all can bring something and benefit from all things. Don’t discredit or overlook someone you “think” you don’t need, just because they don’t necessarily have what you’re looking for. If you want to win in your marriage, you need your spouse. If you want to make progress in your organization or business ask people in your team for help, and input by communicating with them consistently and constantly giving them updates on the progress of each task. After all they are working with you.

3. Removes assumptions or confusion.

I have seen people hurt and confused time and time again including myself because of a lack of communication by the leader of a company or organization. Most of the time is not what was said, but what wasn’t said that caused the confusion and resentment. If you respect the people who are working with you at all, you owe it to them to share what’s happening in your organization or team. As leaders we have the power and control to minimize assumptions and confusions within our team, simply by communicating.

4. Keeps the team engaged in the vision.

If your vision is big enough you will require more than yourself to accomplish it. Therefore you need to effectively communicate with your team. The reality is when you communicate your showing your team that you truly care for them as individuals. You demonstrate that they are valuable to the organization and that they’re input matters. Trust me, if people feel that you don’t care about them, pretty soon they won’t care about you.

5. Respect the organization or leader.

If I am building with you, and you are my leader I deserve for you to communicate effectively with me. Your team or spouse is following you because they simply want to. Some people follow you because they have to, but remember, if you don’t wake up and start showing your team that you care for them it will be a matter of time before they lose respect for you, and no one in their right mind wants people on their team who don’t respect them.

Now, I know all this sounds like a lot of work, guess what? it is. But if you communicate with your team you will win and keep valuable loyal people on your team and on your side. If you want to work alone and accomplish very little, don’t communicate with your team. Just remember this; it will be a matter of time before they leave.

As leaders we can become so involved in our organizations and admire the beauty of what’s taking place, like the grandma with her grandson. But sooner than later you need to learn to communicate with your team or else you will get hit with a rock that will bring you into reality, then it will be too late.


This is my list. What about you? Why do you think it’s important to communicate? How do you do it? I would love to hear from you comment below.

3 Reasons Your Enemy Wants You Discouraged.

Photo Credit: Inspiyr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Inspiyr via Compfight cc


As a spiritual leader I must tell you, you have an enemy. Your enemy is not one you can necessary see physically. You have an enemy called Satan. I know this post doesn’t sound too positive, but before you click away let me help you understand why he attacks you so much on a day-to-day basis. His aim and focus is to discourage you, especially if you are a leader in any capacity (mother, father, manager, CEO or pastor). If you have tried doing anything of significance I know you have been discouraged.

Here are 3 reasons why your enemy wants to discourage you.

1.You will lose your focus.

In my life whenever I’m undertaking a project or assignment that I believe God placed in my heart, I often find myself getting discouraged when great opposition rises up. As soon as I am discouraged I find myself doubting if this task was from God in the first place. Soon, I’m having a pity party about how things aren’t fair and how things should be easier.

See, what takes place is I’m losing focus. I am forgetting the reason why I started in the first place. I begin to forget who called me. That He who called me is faithful to fulfill his promise in my life. It is the enemy’s aim for me to lose my focus and my direction. Because if I lose my focus I will lose my progress, which is point, number two.

2.Lose your progress.

God has equipped you with unique talents and abilities to use to fulfill your purpose in this generation. Every experience in your life, God wants to used it to bless other people, yet when you get hit with discouragement you get paralyzed from progress because you become so self conscious that you lose your touch with God and His plan for your life. You begin to dwell on your situation that you pause and sometimes stop your progress, which is your enemy’s great strategy. He doesn’t want you and I to progress and improve in life. He desires that you and I remain so self focused that we begin to self-serve.

This means when you lose your focus of your call and you stop your progress because your focus is on your situation you now only care about where you are and how you feel. It all becomes about you and no one else. Yet, God wants to use your life to be a blessing to others. “If you give your life” Jesus said, “you will find it”, but if you hold on to your life you will lose it. Which brings us to our third and final point.

3. Your purpose. 

If the enemy of your soul can get you to lose your focus, you will ultimately lose your progress and when you lose progress you lose your purpose. You were created to live a life on purpose and for purpose. This is why you’re constantly being attacked mentally with discouragement. Your enemy wants you to live life and miss your God ordained purpose!

We all deal with discouragement whether that is at home, in our marriage or relationships, our finances, or in your job. Whatever it is fight discouragement. It’s a tenacious fight but don’t give in. Don’t give in to the enemy’s tactics to rob you of your greatest blessings in life!

I want to remind you, that you are a champion so begin to act like one. Champions get hit yes, but champions bounce back! Next time discouragement comes knocking at your hearts door, answer it with God’s word. Refuse to be beat. Think on your prior victories and get ready for the next one.

Why do you think the enemy wants you discouraged? How does it affect you? What causes you to be discouraged?