I Am Expecting

  There is a story about a farmer who was struggling to produce a harvest because the main ingredient wasn’t being given. The land had a drought, and everything was as dry as a desert. Yet, one day this optimistic farmer decided to believe the rain giver. He had faith that God saw what he needed […]

Honor Code

    Honor means to “hold in high esteem.” In our culture, honor is reserved for those persons who’ve achieved a remarkable feat or attained a certain status. An athlete is honored for winning championships. Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player in NBA history because he won six championships. Business leaders are honored […]

God Doesn’t Write Bad Checks.

God doesn’t write bad checks.  What God promises, He fulfills.   I was walking in my driveway the other night after a long day of work. As I walked I paused and looked up to the sky and reflected on all the beautiful stars that decorated the night sky, when all of a sudden I […]

Photo Credit: ucumari photography via Compfight cc

Have You Ever Been Bit By An Elephant?

I was recently talking to a mentor of mine while sitting in my car, when all of a sudden my greatest enemy came flying through the window threatening to take my life, forcing me to run out of the car. My mentor heard me and began to chuckle and said ” as big as you are your […]

Communicate Quickly Or Get Hit By A Rock.

  I heard a story of a grandmother who was sitting on her porch in a hot summer day with one of her daughters. As they sat there watching and talking about her two year old grandson who was playing in the front yard under they’re supervision, smiling and bragging about how cute he was. […]

Is There Truth I Can Trust?

We used to think the mind worked like a filing cabinet. We were given information and we would assign it to a particular file in our mental cabinet. When we needed to retrieve the information, we would reach into the appropriate file and pull it out. Now we understand the mind works much more like […]

You Might Have What You Already Need To Get Your Breakthrough.

Have you been underestimating what you already have? What if what you have can change the world? What if it can change your city? What if it could impact your family? What if what you have can change your life! What do you have? For the Old Testament prophet Moses, it was a simple staff […]

What Does Success Mean To You?

Success involves a lot of work! This is why many people chose the opposite course. Honestly signing up for success is not an easy task, yet it is the most rewarding.   What is success? Years ago, I wrote down in one of my journals what success will mean to me, and I am constantly […]

Is God Picking On Me?

Have you ever felt like God was picking on you? Throughout the course of life as you go through many transitions and interrupted dreams, and interrupted goals due to life challenges, sometimes life will make you believe that God is playing games with you. That some how the Almighty God is against you. It seems […]

3 Reasons Why You Are Being Stretched.

Have you ever felt stretched? You know, the kind of stretching that makes you feel like your going to break? The kind of stretching that makes you say “ If someone else ask for one more thing, I’ll…” Ever been there? Maybe you are working two jobs trying to make it financially, and yet your […]

1 Thing Your Haters Don’t Get

Do you have “haters”? Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to love and please people and be friends with everyone within our reach, some people insist to dislike you, and some even try to stop you from reaching your dreams. The reason haters hate on your dreams is because they feel they don’t have […]